13 October, 2006

Yehya on Jimmy Kimmel

Yehya is an Egyptian guy who likes to take photos with celebrities, I think he's really funny :-)


BigDaddy said...

dude this blog rocks, and this egyptian dude is amazing, how did u know about him?
u've cheered me up I swear.
keep it up man.

Anonymous said...

H3 , that was funny :)


Anonymous said...

shu 6ayoob!! he's a Shrek! hehehe

mohammad said...

bigdaddy, yo yo dude :-) so happy that i cheered you up, i saw this video by coincidence on youtube :-) thanx and hope khobbeizeh will rock you more and more ;-)

dar, cheers :-)

fadi, LOL :-)

Anonymous said...

wallah didnt laugh like this since ages....thank you and thanks to this Yehya guy.

Shaker said...

3azeema ya Masr
Wallaaadaaa ya bladi walllaada