28 May, 2009

تدوين من البحر الميت: ورشة عمل عن النشاط الإلكتروني والتدوين

حالياً أنا في فندق الموفنبك في البحر الميت، في مبادرة جيدة جداً من منتدي الفكر الحر بالتعاون مع مؤسسة فريدريش ناومان من أجل الحرية. 30 شخص أغلبهم يتنمون لمنتدى الفكر الحر، سيتعرفون على كل تقنيات التدوين في خلال 3 أيام بهدف رئيسي هو أن يصبح كل شخص منهم مدون هادف بعد الإنتهاء من ورشة العمل. من المدونيين المشاركين في الحديث شادن عبدالرحمن من حبر، غسان يونس، وأنا من خبيزة. أتمنى النجاح لهذه المبادرة ولكل من يساهم في دعم التدوين

24 May, 2009

Videos & photos from Zakharef in motion 2009 dance festival

check out the photos on flickr, or here is a slide show:

Samir Akika dance group/ Germany:

Centro Coreografico Galego/ Spain:

WANTED Posse/ France:

23 May, 2009

Tell us about your third spaces!

Dear friends and art lovers,

We are currently developing a narrative script for The Third Space Event on May 30th 2009. We would love to hear your views on 7iber.com, please participate :)

16 May, 2009

Hey Artists & Cultural Activists!

Last Sunday, a very cool informal meeting/ Q&A session happened at Orangered space in Jabal Weibdeh, with Ambassador Mr. Patrick Relauld, Head of the European Commission Delegation, moderated by the wonderful Samar Dudin. Lama Hazboun & Sawsan Habib, we can not thank you enough for this important initiative. Basically, the meeting aimed to engage in a dialogue on Cultural policy and EU support for local art in Jordan. The Theme of the encounter emerged out of a youth driven discourse online which exposed many questions and views around international & local collaboration to support culture across Jordan & the Mediterranean. More details here.

Khobbeizeh in collaboration with EU people would like to take that further into a continuous open discussion via this post, so if you're an artist or cultural activist or supporter, just leave your comment/suggestion here (in English or Arabic) and be sure that your voice is heard. "EU is all ears for Jordan’s Art", spread the word.