31 May, 2007

Outstanding concert: Macadi Nahhas & her KhilKhal!

My friends and I got there 30 minutes before the show. We barely found a place. It started exactly on time, and just like the one before, it was outstanding! Macadi Nahhas is unbelievable! I mean seriously, her voice is just rare, so warm and beautiful; I’m just speechless with a video:

I also got the chance there to buy her new album, KhilKhal, that has 8 breathtaking tracks; Rahal (lyrics & music by Macadi herself… so admirable), Natalie, Mweil el hawa, Ammi ya bou el fanous, Irzal, Marrain, Leila (from the Palestinian folklore) and Hayya ala hayya. check it out:

29 May, 2007

Amman's Graphiclub!

Hey designers, i finally got the chance yesterday to pass by Graphiclub, where i had a long interesting conversation with one of the owners, Saif Azizieh

"if you think the design industry is lacking a vital element... if you believe that artistic freedom and innovation outshine confining to outdated conventions... if you want to make a change... you are not alone! Graphiclub is a center for graphic designers & artists of all calibers who are committed to making difference. We'd like you to join us. We offer unique and stimulating environment, collaborative events, resources and info services, advertising opportunities, and job postings. All of that along with the freshest tastes in foods and beverages in town " quote from graphiclub flyer

the place is really unique... you should give it a try. food sounds good (though i only had peach iced tea, and it was very good)

Graphiclub is located in Sweifieh, Ali Nasouh Altaher street, Al Elham group Building. open 12:00 PM - 12:00 AM. No website yet, mobile: 079 6568635 or 079 5504225

Check out this bunch of photos (sorry for the blurriness)

DSC01368 DSC01351 DSC01349 DSC01340
DSC01328 DSC01326 DSC01324 DSC01314

25 May, 2007

Khobbeizeh TV

From now on, the TV icon, on the right sidebar, will lead you to all the Khobbeizeh’s Exclusive videos & Podcasts. Lots of stuff on the way… Stay tuned & enjoy Khobbeizeh TV :)

20 May, 2007

18 May, 2007

مبروك الخساره

جد جد ألف الحمدلله على خسارة الفريق الأردني في هاي اللعبه السخيفه اللي حكيت عنها بالزمانات! يعني اللي طلع إمبارح وشاف كل هالسرسره منطقياً راح يتمنى الخساره! والله وكيلكم أنا كالعاده ما بعرف شي، وطلعت لمشاويري ، وفجأه بشوف كل هالزحمه وشبابنا العظيم صاحب الأخلاق الكريمه والشرف اللي عمرهم ما عرفوه… نازلين إصراخ وهجوم على البنات بالشارع، وبكل فخر تسمع أبشع الشتائم والألفاظ القبيحة ، وأعلام الأردن الكبيره جداً ترفرف فوق رؤوسهم، وأنا طبعاً إنفصمت! وإعملت كمن تلفون وعرفت إن الأردن راح تلعب مع الجزائر زفت مباراة، فعالسريع قلت يافرحتي، راح إتكون إمصيبه لو فزنا، لأنه مش راح نخلص من السرسره والهجومات التي سوف تحوَل المدينه إلى غابة حيوانات متوحشه على الفور! لأننا و بإختصار شعب لا نعرف ما معنى الإحتفال بالفرح، ولا يمكن أن يكون هناك أي يوم نعرف فيه معنى الروح الرياضيه والأدب والإلتزام بالأخلاق العامه على الأقل! وعرفت أيضاً أن الصحف المحليه كانت مليئه بالتهنئات "مقدماً" للفريق الأردني لأنه حيفوز "خاوه"!! من تواضع لله رفعه، إذن الله لا إيردكم

14 May, 2007

Michigan Muslim leaders sign pact

Over two dozen local Muslim leaders met in Dearborn Heights this week to sign the "Muslim Code of Honor," widely touted as an unprecedented proactive statement of unity between American Shi’a and Sunni Muslims. The signing and press conference were organized by the Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan (CIOM) and hosted at the Islamic House of Wisdom by . A similar event was recently held by California’s American Muslim population and similar signings are planned across the country. Read more>