31 July, 2006

Happier children/ updates

Palestinian and Lebanese flags were crossing each other under the candles' light, singing with one voice… one soul …a soul full of hopes that the Zionist's barbarity is a matter of time, Oho yea! the monster will go down soon...very soon!

Macadi Nahhas' performance was really amazing, not to forget her wonderful voice. Thank you Jordan River foundation for the great efforts in collecting the donations, thank you ijordan for a very well organized event, and thank you very much dear friends /khobbeizeh's readers for being there, your support is highly appreciated, I'm very proud :-) video:


Anonymous said...

that was fantastic, it's so sad that i missed it ... thanx khobbeizeh

Amani said...

Makadi Nahhas' performance was lovely, her voice was great… the love most people showed for Lebanon and Palestine was nice…

I'm having a blind faith in Hezib Allah, those brave decent men… It seems our victory is soon Inshallah.
Those stupid Zionists think they scare us by killing us and destroying everything that belongs to us!!! Don’t they know that for the love of our lands we are ready to offer our lives? Oh, of course they don't, because they can't understand what the love of, and belongingness to, a land is; they never had or belonged to a land; they just took our land by force. So how are they to understand?

Zionists you don’t belong to our lands, you think the world can't see how a few bombs scares you and make you run away? You have been lying about OUR LANDS for ages, saying that it's yours. Well explain to the world, why are you running then? Why are you leaving what you claim is your land, while our people are not moving out of their land and homes, even though they know it might be there last night alive? I guess its clear, because you know that you DON’T BELONG in any of OUR LANDS…

Samah Atout said...

little thank you note..
just to let you know that your work is nice
& your blog is nice..
despite that it doesnt have much..
yet what you said is more than enough for me to admire you..
keep going and allah ywaf2ak!

mohammad said...

Amani, since you liked makadi, just remember her beautiful song:
يا ظلام السجن خيّم، نحن لا نخشى الظلام، ليس بعد الليل إلاّ، فجر مجد يتسامى

Samah, thanx a million, speachless :-)

Osaid Rasheed said...


mohammad said...

you're welcome