28 April, 2007

I’m 31

And wOw, time goes by so FAST!
My 31st birthday is different than the 30th
Very sunny, relaxing and memorable family day. But I really missed everybody in Amman, wish you were here with me guys :-(
Thank YOU so much my dearest Family & Friends for the LOVELY gifts, calls, cards, e-cards, emails, comments and everything, I love you all :-)

27 April, 2007

We killed Jesus & we’re proud of it!

Tel Rumeida is a small Palestinian neighborhood deep in the West Bank city of Hebron. Palestinian families from whom these settlers occupied lands, live directly next to these settlers and are often virtual prisoners in their homes, subject to the settlers' violent attacks and destruction of property. Source

26 April, 2007

Extended vacation, more news!

I’m supposed to be in Amman now, but my vacation has been extended until “further notice” for I have some things to finish, like paperwork, visits, and medical checkups for my Mom. How are my beloved people everywhere?

Now, are you interested in Japan and the Japanese culture/experience? Then you should check out Saqf’s new Blog! Ahmad Saqf is a best friend and a very talented Designer, who traveled to Japan early this month: “I am in Japan now for a Master's degree -and hopefully a Ph.D- in Visual Communication, and my main research will be on creating an Arabic Visual Language based on Japanese Visual Aesthetics” “One Jordanian seeking knowledge in Japan for a better -visual- future in the Arab World” Said Saqf. Great one Ahmad :-) and welcome to the Blogging world!

I still can’t believe that I’m going back to Amman, and will not find 2 of my very best friends there! It’s not only Saqf, Nissrin is another wonderful best friend, who’s leaving Amman for good tonight, heading to Toronto, Canada… it’s so sad that I’m not there for another goodbye … I love you so much guys, God only Knows… but inchalla for the best, this is life … Damet, lots of my friends have left and willing to leave the country, I’m wondering why Jordan!

Talking about Amman, did I tell you that I was Nadim Sarraj’s new victim? :-) Before I leave to the states, my Friend, Zain, arranged a prank call with Nadim (aka Raji Douara) for a show called “Nakshet Mokh” on Mazaj FM. My God, I can’t believe what happened to me, LOL! I know that everyone heard it last week, but I didn’t! Here is a link that has a part of the prank (the 2nd part is me). Will post the whole call once I have the sound file.

Also, there is a new magazine called PULP, by grumpy gourmet. Check it out, they actually wrote about Khobbeizeh in it ( Thanx a lot Mosaab). Again, I didn’t see it yet :-( but will post more details later on.

That’s it for today :-)

12 April, 2007

Blogging from the U.S

I’m currently in the U.S, Wisconsin. It's snowing:

DSC00111 DSC00109 DSC00103 DSC00097

what a beautiful welcoming :-) :

DSC00095 DSC00094 DSC00093 DSC00090

Will spend a couple of weeks with my family over here and in Chicago.
The trip was really boring this time, cause I had to travel with the horrible Royal Jordanian. And I lost one of my bags, but they found it, and Fedexed it to me today.

I was in Nakshet Mokh on Mazaj FM yesterday. i didn't hear it yet, but will post it soon.

betwasoo she?? :-)

04 April, 2007

Picture Balata & Hope projects

Check out Picture Balata project, what a great one!
Here is a slideshow:

Many thanks to Samah Atout for telling me about it. Samah was Born in Nablus, Palestine, educated in there and Castellon, Spain.

She is a Founder of several social projects, including Project Hope, a non-profit volunteer organization whose goal is to provide a participatory, educational space for Palestinian youth and children, Check it out. “I’m now in political lobbying in Brussels… and simply Palestinian!” said Samah.