19 August, 2009

Texting and driving... the worst!

This is a great film by Peter Watkins-Hughes. We really should circle it... the consequences of texting while driving... check it out

16 August, 2009

عليه العوض

صور من الحريق الكبير في وسط البلد. والله يعوّض على أصحاب المحلات ويساعدهم

downtown Amman stores fire!
downtown Amman stores fire!
downtown Amman stores fire! downtown Amman stores fire!

07 August, 2009

1001 Bytes: Dancing on the edge!

Join the 1001 Bytes Community – the youth website about movement, dance and cultural identity!

The site is connected to the creation of Good ID, the first co-production between the Al Balad Theatre (Jordan), El Funoun Dance Troupe (Palestine), Le Grand Cru and Dancing on the Edge festival (both from the Netherlands)

The choreographers Feri de Geus and Noortje Bijvoets from Le Grand Cru are working this summer in Amman to create Good ID with contemporary and folk dancers from Jordan, Palestine and the Netherlands. In October the performance will be finalized and have it’s world premiere in the Al Balad Theatre in Amman. In December the performance will tour throughout the Netherlands during the Dancing on the Edge festival which presents dance and theater from the Middle East. For July 2010 performances are scheduled in Ramallah. Everyone is invited to come and see any of the performances.

On the 1001 Bytes site young people from the Middle East and the Netherlands can connect to each other and share their ideas about dance and movement through photos, videos and poetry or stories: check out & feel free to register: www.1001bytes.org