27 February, 2009

My Films in The City One Minutes Amman project

Participating in The City One Minutes Amman project was such a nice filmmaking experience, not to forget that I really loved the idea from the very first time, when Su Tomesen, the project director in Amman, gave me the chance to participate in 2 out of 24 films. The screening happened in Makan last Wednesday, and the Audience was very cool and positive in general.

My first Film represented the Hour 1:00 AM - 2:00 AM, where I used the stop-motion technique in shooting Amman's 8 circles. Music & Sound design by Yousef Kawar, the usual supporter, and voice by me:

My second film represented the hour 11:00 PM – 12:00 AM (the ending). Shooting Happened in Rainbow street (old Jabal Amman), Sound design: also by Yousef Kawar, Starring: Tarik Odeh, Taxi song: Saqatat Sahwan:

07 February, 2009

مرة أخرى على فلسطين الشباب

مدخلة خبيزة، ع الفاضي، هي الآن إحدى مقالات مجلة فلسطين الشباب في عددها الأخير، ولكن تحت عنوان "صراصير مخدرة في قنينة؟" وأيضاً شكلت جزء من حديث رئيس التحرير، طارق حمدان، على راديو مونتي كارلو. شكراً