27 February, 2009

My Films in The City One Minutes Amman project

Participating in The City One Minutes Amman project was such a nice filmmaking experience, not to forget that I really loved the idea from the very first time, when Su Tomesen, the project director in Amman, gave me the chance to participate in 2 out of 24 films. The screening happened in Makan last Wednesday, and the Audience was very cool and positive in general.

My first Film represented the Hour 1:00 AM - 2:00 AM, where I used the stop-motion technique in shooting Amman's 8 circles. Music & Sound design by Yousef Kawar, the usual supporter, and voice by me:

My second film represented the hour 11:00 PM – 12:00 AM (the ending). Shooting Happened in Rainbow street (old Jabal Amman), Sound design: also by Yousef Kawar, Starring: Tarik Odeh, Taxi song: Saqatat Sahwan:


kinzi said...

Good on ya, Khobeizeh!!!!

TripleM said...

Nice shots... I like it a lot... I liked the background music, I remember posting it almost a year ago on your blog...well I still have it on my notebook..
Good luck man..

Usama said...

both films are perfect ya mo, mashalla 3alaik, wherever you dig your hands in, you do wonderful stuff. way to go

Anonymous said...

circles one is perfect (technique wise, shooting, animation, colors, sound, voice) i liked it very much.

rainbow st. one is good too, but misleading in a way, unless it's just a scene from amman, that would make it very good, because i felt that there is no acting, it looked neutral. but you should pay more attention to it's sound, not correct enough. beautiful voice/song by the way.

in all, i give you 2 thumbs up as a filmmaker/director. go on and take more chances

mohammad said...

Thank you loads people,

Anonymous, thank you for your positive criticism. Indeed all the participated films are about Amman different sceneries, I just wanted to break the second film with a little story. as for the sound, i believe it's perfect, afraid that you've seen it with a delay or something? thanks again

tarik said...

نقطة البداية هي نفطة الوصول ..الانتهاء ايضا هو البداية ..شيء مشجع أن تكون "الانتهائات" هي بدايات لأشياء كثيرة ..ا

علامة قف في اخر الشريط اعتقد انها لم تكن قفلة موفقة

برافو رفيق

mohammad said...

صح الكلام يا قراط
لذلك الإشارة الأخيرة هي علامة ممنوع المرور (وليس قف) ولكنها تتحول بسرعة إلى مسموح المرور


tarikusan said...

Both movies where great. The first movie I liked it very much especially that everything is in reverse and the mixed version of your song. As for the second one well still fells weird! You know what I mean Hamood. But a job well done, so keep the film rolling my friend.