25 July, 2007

Breathtaking: Zade's Concert

The concert was amazingly organized and elegant. Ladies & Gents, my favorite musician ever... the LEGEND... Zade Dirani:

24 July, 2007

Music Jamming: Ozomatli & Jordanian musicians

This summer is really full of cultural events! The famous Latino Funk group, Ozomatli, will be playing live on Thursday, July 26, 2007, at Jerash South Theater. Don't miss them, they're so great and energetic :) call 079.610.3304 for more info.

today, OrangeRed arranged a Music Jamming session, at their office, for Ozomatli and some cool Jordanian musicians, here is a quick video:

23 July, 2007

Perfect flavors in Music Matbakh!

"Different musical flavors from Mashreq, Maghreb & the UK: Music Matbakh has 14 alternative musicians from Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia and Morrocco. They came together under the music directorship of Justin Adams (Robert Plant's guitarist) to play fusions that marry Jazz tunes to rock, oriental, electronica, folk and rap. Music Matbakh toured the UK and got ultimate media coverage by Britrish media, before performing at Le Boulevard Festival in Casablanca (Morocco) with internationally-renowned bands such as Immortal Technique, Coldcut, and Paradise Lost. From Jordan, Ruba Saqr (voice + guitar) and Yacoub Abu Ghosh (bass guitar) are taking part in MusicMatbakh. Music Matbakh will leave on July 23 to perform in Syria. And in August the group will perform in Alexandria, Cairo and Tunis" event group, facebook.

Music Matbakh Concert Music Matbakh Concert Music Matbakh Concert Music Matbakh Concert
Music Matbakh Concert Music Matbakh Concert Music Matbakh Concert Music Matbakh Concert

I have to say that Music Matbakh overwhelmed me, and managed to put me in a hilarious mood! i was really impressed by everything. Thank you British Council for organizing this event, and thank you OrangeRed for your wonderful efforts and for promoting & reaching the right audience! enjoy the video:

17 July, 2007

Yay! khobbeizeh is Popular & nitty gritty!

This is really awesome :) in Pulp Magazine this month:
“Most popular Blogs in Jordan: Here are some people who are showing this country in a more beautiful light”
"click to enlarge"
Thank you Roba for the pic & post. Yes Elhamdella, Khobbeizeh made it to the top most popular, and I’m so honored to be on this great list with 360 East, and far away, Sabbah’s Blog, Subzero Blue, Jordan Watch, Into the Wind, Jazarah, The Black Iris, and Tololy.

Dear readers… thank you so much, I’m very very grateful, I LOVE YOU PEOPLE :) And thanks a million to Pulp Magazine. I also was in the first issue…another great highlight:
"click to enlarge"

07 July, 2007

Featuring 30 International Musicians: Zade Dirani in Concert

Accompanied by a 30 piece orchestra, Zade returns to Jordan for his first public performance in more than six years!
  • Tuesday, July 24th 2007.
  • Palace of Culture,King Hussein Sport City, Amman.
  • Door open at 7:30 pm, and show starts at 8:30 pm.
  • Ticket prices: 20 JDs, 15JDs, 10 JDs.
  • Tickets sold at iJordan (free home delivery service is available), email: info@ijordan.org, tel: +962-6-4611014

04 July, 2007

Adding insult to injury: UPROOTED on Khobbeizeh

"There are many injustices in this world, too many in fact…Blood is shed gratuitously, destruction is spread often in the name of some God while the land and goods of a people are raped and plundered. Name any area of this world, and I'll show you its victim. In the Middle East today, there are plenty of groups that are victimized; the Palestinians stand out among them for they do not even get to claim victimhood in the eyes of the world, while they lose everything including their very lives…that is adding insult to injury… and that is why I volunteered my services in the non-violence resistance movement on the ground in occupied Palestine.
I wanted to feel the Palestinians' plight, live what they live and convey their message on screen.Uprooted is a long film, 126 minutes, self-produced and directed by myself. "I should of, I could of" made a shorter film, but I was angry, very angry. I felt that we are so bombarded by this propaganda about terrorists and what terrorism is, that I wanted to take as much space as I could about RESISTANCE, and the right of the Palestinians to RESIST" Donia Mili, Director and Producer of Uprooted
Update: to buy your DVD copy of Uprooted, PAL or NTSC, please contact Donia Mili: anoliveproduction@yahoo.com. A DVD with postage and handling costs US$20. Send your cheque (written to Donia Mili) or money order at: Donia Mili, PO Box 529, West Milford, New Jersey 10950, USA.