25 July, 2007

Breathtaking: Zade's Concert

The concert was amazingly organized and elegant. Ladies & Gents, my favorite musician ever... the LEGEND... Zade Dirani:


xE*n said...

breath taking indeed!
Thank you Zaid, it was brilliant me dear cousin! o la2 mu 3am jaamlak!
Hello Betsy, Evan, Jake and Jana.. you and the whole orchestra members make an amazing team! great job u guys... too bad u couldnt stay a bit longer :s
the concert was astonishing! Thats not only what I think... its what people from the audience on my left and right, behind and front me thinks.. could tell from their sighs ;)

and thank you Qoxi :)


Nour Durra said...


Abeer said...

How could I miss this :(

kalbouzi said...

Thank you for putting it on Khobbeizeh... now we can enjoy it again and again and again... bidha mansaf ba3d hal concert :)

Tsedek said...

I've sat all morning listening to this. Thank you very much. It's beautiful!

Debbini said...

I missed it,I wanted to be there but I was and still out of the country, they didn't hear my request to make it august, ift I hate KSA lol

its awsome, thanks for the vedio

Anonymous said...

We were there last night.... it was brillaint!.. the guy is a talent!!! you can feel his passion when he is behind his naked piano... loved it all!

Sahar Mereish

abeer pharaon said...

wallahi ya qoxi 3anjad thanx :)
shii zareef hal stand il camera tab3ak lol"kaffo" , i wanna see it again and again
oo zaid it was an amazing concert :"))

Frozen The Mighty said...

Zade Dirani ! amazing ! i wouldn't have missed it for the world :P though this is an exaggerated expression yet his performance and the band's performance was beautiful and the audience was pretty big and cool !! well... i've always listened to Zade since he published his kingdom of peace piece on an unofficial album carrying the same name! it contained two more compositions and i still listen to them between now and then ! thank you for publishing this mohammad :).
And in short yesterday, He was great :D

raed said...

Mohammed, they're all talking about Zade and how great he is, that's so true of course. the guy is talented. but i would love to talk about you and your blog. mohammad, every time i come to khobbeizeh, i leave with one question: what a great person you are? i mean seriously i do appreciate your efforts so much. politics, events, personal, what a variety.. you always make me impressed. wish if there is any Oscar competition for blogs, the top 10 should go for you. thank you very much for all those wonderful posts. I'm a big fan and a regular reader since you started.

Raed A.

mohammad said...

thank you everybody for sharing your lovely comments about Zade :) he really deserves our support, and it was absolutely my pleasure to cover his concert.

to Raed, i thank you so much with all my heart, you're such a loyal & decent reader. you always make my day with your beautiful words :) Khobbeizeh is all yours... thanx again :)

betsey said...


You rock my Friend. Passed on your message to the boys-they were thriled to hear from you! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!

Love ya,


Lilly said...

i missed it :S thanks for posting it :)