23 July, 2007

Perfect flavors in Music Matbakh!

"Different musical flavors from Mashreq, Maghreb & the UK: Music Matbakh has 14 alternative musicians from Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia and Morrocco. They came together under the music directorship of Justin Adams (Robert Plant's guitarist) to play fusions that marry Jazz tunes to rock, oriental, electronica, folk and rap. Music Matbakh toured the UK and got ultimate media coverage by Britrish media, before performing at Le Boulevard Festival in Casablanca (Morocco) with internationally-renowned bands such as Immortal Technique, Coldcut, and Paradise Lost. From Jordan, Ruba Saqr (voice + guitar) and Yacoub Abu Ghosh (bass guitar) are taking part in MusicMatbakh. Music Matbakh will leave on July 23 to perform in Syria. And in August the group will perform in Alexandria, Cairo and Tunis" event group, facebook.

Music Matbakh Concert Music Matbakh Concert Music Matbakh Concert Music Matbakh Concert
Music Matbakh Concert Music Matbakh Concert Music Matbakh Concert Music Matbakh Concert

I have to say that Music Matbakh overwhelmed me, and managed to put me in a hilarious mood! i was really impressed by everything. Thank you British Council for organizing this event, and thank you OrangeRed for your wonderful efforts and for promoting & reaching the right audience! enjoy the video:


Ahmad Humeid said...

I stupidly missed the event. You cannot believe how happy to find your video on ikbis.

Perfect man!

Sally Shalabi said...

Thank you for helping me relive some that wonderful event... I was so excited when I came across this... THANK YOU... THANK YOU

Amer said...

Mo you're a STAR!!! what a great post and video! thank you so much

Sonia Al Hassan said...

thanks a lot
i luved the show
and was sad 2 know that they dont have a recording n the market
thus, u just made my day knowing that i can hear some of their talent

abeer said...

Khobbeizeh thank you for the video! I really appreciate it.. I couldn't find the words to describe the show to my friends who didnt got the chance to come.. so I simply showed them your video! it said it all :)
I still can't find the words to describe the music matbakh experience! it was out of this world experience.. I went crazy.. I couldn't find words to thank Ruba Saqer for her exceptional voice i'm not good with words.. so I gave her a big hug before even introducing myself... that was crazy rude and freaky!! but If I could hire a guy to hug all the male musicians for me I would!!! I loved them all!

Who's-sane! said...

I left a comment here, not sure how it didn't go through. After your permission, I copied the video to a post I posted about Music Matbakh a while ago. Of course I added the original source of the video to you

mohammad said...

Glad that you enjoyed it people. thank you so much :)

Frozen The Mighty said...

HEHEHE i made my friends go crazy and go down and dance ! i stayed up and cheered for them ! but it was an out of this world experience ! everyone went crazy in the end ! i even was about to dance but as usual i didn't :D