07 July, 2007

Featuring 30 International Musicians: Zade Dirani in Concert

Accompanied by a 30 piece orchestra, Zade returns to Jordan for his first public performance in more than six years!
  • Tuesday, July 24th 2007.
  • Palace of Culture,King Hussein Sport City, Amman.
  • Door open at 7:30 pm, and show starts at 8:30 pm.
  • Ticket prices: 20 JDs, 15JDs, 10 JDs.
  • Tickets sold at iJordan (free home delivery service is available), email: info@ijordan.org, tel: +962-6-4611014


Abeer said...

Cant wait,, Inshallah it would be great!!! :D
I'm sooo excited!
Thanks Khobbiezeh for spreading the word :)

Betsey Kamel said...

Dear Friends,

Zade will be performing in Amman for the first time in 6 years accompanied by 30 international musicians. The exciting show will include songs from Zade's three albums in addition to new material!

It would be awesome if you can help us spread the word. Please forward this information to all your friends!

We hope to see you all at the show!

Warm regards

Isam Abu Salhieh said...

cant he wait 3 days ????? i will come to amman on the 25th :(


only three days man ... will there be another concert ?? please say yes ....

mohammad said...

abeer, you're most welcome :)

betsey, thanx a lot

isam,sorry to hear that, it's only one concert on 24th :(

mohammad said...

Dear All,

I just wanted to answer many people who sent me messages here on khobbeizeh, or on facebook, asking about Zade’s CDs. Well, as far as I know, they are having three booths, for his albums, set up at the concert, so I guess that would be a great chance to buy them + they’re already available at Prime megastore, all the time.

Another surprise on the way, stay tuned ;-)

Rawan said...

as i told ahamad on 360 east, it means that i have a good choice :D i follow you, humaid(360 east) and sabbah, 3 of them on the list, alf mabrook :D