28 December, 2006

Zade Dirani on Khobbeizeh

In the past couple of days, I've been trying to present you Zade, but I really couldn’t find the right words… I start to write… pause… delete… pause again… start again… shall I write about Zade the amazing musician who hit the Billboard charts? Or the Zade foundation? Or Zade the warm person … I'm really confused, but zade.com says it all, and for something special, check out my video:

Thank you Zade, meeting you is always a pleasure... really :-)
with Zade Dirani


Moey said...

nice, first to see.. man, you never comment on my blog :(

Anonymous said...


Raed said...

mohammad, much much much of appreciation to you, that was really amazing, i knew Zade before, but i didn't know how great he is until this moment when you put him under the spot, the guy is a real power, from now on i will start to listen to his wonderful music. and what's really important that your efforts in your unique Blog are always different, and the elegance is always there in every post you write or every video/visual you make. i follow most of the blogs all the time, and I'm telling you: you are the best. Shukran

PALFORCE said...


Lel asaf I just found out about your blog this past week ONLY.

You have a very special way of individuality in your posts and I respct you for that.

The video you made for Zade is great and thank you for introducing us to him.

P.s: I'm gonna add you to my Palforce Feeds if you dont mind :-)



mohammad said...

Moey, thanx. i usually check most of the blogs, & yours, more than i leave comments, unless it's needed :-)

anoynomus ( i know you're seem ) thanx :-)

Raed... i don't know what to tell you, thank you very very much, you really made my day with your beautiful words, speechless.& thanx for being a great reader of Khobbeizeh.

Palforce, it's never too late, the archive is there :-) thanx for your lovely words, please go ahead an add me, your Blog is so nice too :-)

adel said...

man ... you're so good at what you do.

bassel said...

he's a mix of "ra7bani" & "omar 5ayrat" i like his music...

mohammad said...

adel, thank you very much :-)

bassel, that's very true! Zade is a friend of Elias Rahbani, and he's in love with Rahbani's school. you should listen to his work with Elias, amazing!

Hamzeh N. said...

That was very nice, and the music was good. I think I'm going to buy the album, I like this kind of music.

Nizar Selander said...


I like his music

Keep it up man

Ohoud said...

Great effort Mohammad! I really enjoyed the video, although I would have aslo liked to have catched a conversation with Zade about his talent,career and future plans:)

I salute you for these amazing videos that are poping up each now and then. We need more of these to get to unveil our hidden talents out there!

Amgad said...

man that is really great
it is a nice piece of music i wonder where has he been and ever did he perform in egypt
the man is really great and talented and classy and his music is heavenly

thanx man for introduction such a great talent

happy adha and new year to u and allur family and all the khobbeizeh people !!!!

Anonymous said...

oh, i see you didnt post my comment, am loosing faith in your Mr. khobbezieh ! am the german girl who sees the other face of the coin ! by the way, you have many fans over here in Berlin, we get to know you through one of our pal friends.. but sad enough, you are not like what you pretend to be ! dumme Leute existieren.

Anonymous said...

Mohammad, hi thanks for Zade's video, man he's great great great.
God bless you both.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mohammad, It's me again Ghassan..
I've been watching zade's video again and again, it's amazing man, thanks for him, and thanks for you,
I feel the blood moving again in my body. His music is wow wow wow..

mohammad said...

dear anonymous (German girl ), I'm so glad that i have fans in Berlin, it feels great. but as you see, i have the option to reject any comment that makes no sense or has nothing to do with its post, I'm sorry, i have to use that option cause as you said: dumme Leute existieren.

the rest, thank you very very very much for a wonderful comments & support :-)

Anonymous said...

Very nice...
thank you mohammed, and Zade your music is great, cant believe how talented you are!

Shahira K

acidFOG said...

dude, the video and montage was amazing!! but i do agree with ohoud!! U should have asked him stuff!! anyways, great work and great blog!! good luck!

mohammad said...

Shahira, thank you my dear, keep on visiting ;-)

many thanx acidfog, you and Ohoud have a point, but the idea was to support Zade from a different side cause now he already has his own foundation, music & website that say it all, so i wanted to focus on a nice video more than anything, whereas... that was not the case with Hindawi for example, where i tried to ask him many questions since he has no supportive materials yet.

Seem said...


Zeid Koudsi said...

Qaq, absolutely interesting interview!!

mohammad said...

thanx a lot Zeid :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Khobbizeh..
My Name is Amar Ramahi آمار الرمحي iam 23 years old,Iam a graphic designer,i was in Zade`s concert last thursady 19.06.2008
it was so amazing concert its the most beautiful concert i ever seen what i have to say Zade makes every thing beautiful,Zade is my inspire,Zade is my man,Zade is my soul,Zade is my all life,Zade make me know how much this life is beauty,Zade is the only person i wish to become like him en shaa allah, zade make me feel stronger day after day after day,,if i can see zade face to face and thank him its ganna be not enagh.Zade is not a musician to me no Zade mean to me alot,zade and zade`s tunes make me diffrent,Zade make me start a NEW BEGINING in my carer life,Zade make me understand all the ROADS that i have to go,Zade make me understand the BEAUTIFUL WORLD,Zade make me BEAUTY FOR HER(HIS)SOUL..
Zade Thank you very much my man,My Hero..
Amar Ramahi