06 January, 2007

toot toot from Cairo

I just came back from a terrific journey in Cairo (details in my next post). During that, I got an email from Roba, telling me that Khobbeizeh has joined toot, that was great... but the problem that I came back with a childhood song looping & looping in my head! do you remember toot toot, toot toot, toot toot toot toot toot? Oho, I'm stuck… help :-S


Qwaider قويدر said...

You absolutely deserved it Mohammad, now don't forget people who believed in you before you were that famous :)

Alf mabrook
(on a side note, You were added to Qwaider planet BEFORE Toot :)).... No one can argue now that I don't have an eye for talent

George said...

We're happy to have you on toot, thanks for the clip

mohammad said...

Qwaider, ammm qwaider ... qwaider... I've heard this name before....ammm cant remember! ma3lash i just came back from Cairo, affected by their movies, LOL,thanx my dear,but ya zalmeh shu hal drama ... o shu fame o ma fame :-) la eykoon ana da'7lt el janneh o ana mesh 3aref :-) I'm sure that you've noticed that i did not post anything when i joined jordan planet, or dawen or qwaider planet or or or ...it's just the looping song here ya zalmeh :S however, Qwaider Planet is a great project really, though recently i tried to check it & link it, but it didn't work for some weird technical stuff! now it's within my links and it's my honor :-) & thanx for the updated email. yes i BAWAR Qwaider :-)

george, thanx a lot, but it's not really a clip :-)

moi said...

Mabrook Mohammad!

adel said...

I think adding toot to your link list would be more feasible to them.

Anyway congrats toot. I mean congrats Mohammad.

Mala2e6 said...

hello khobaizeh..

strange..i think toot should make this song their national anthem..

i posted the same song when i was told i was added and i had the same thoughts as u did..ino not posting anything wheni joined the late JP,alla yer7amo w ybashbesh il 6oobeh illy b servaro,,although i went out on strikes to accomplish that..

have fun

acidFOG said...

congrats!! and btw how the hell did u remember that song? it's ANCIENT!!


mohammad said...

moi & adel, many thanx :-)

mala2e6, LOLLL
yea, actually i just checked your post, what a coincidence! jad toot toot toot!
o enna lelaah o enna elayeh raje3oon.

acidfog, unfortunately, for me the song is not that ANCIENT :-( thanx :-(

Asad Ramallah said...

it seems as if you had a great time in Cairo,
i hope i would be able to visit Cairo as well!


asad al nimr.

Ahmad Humeid said...

Welcome to toot. Thanks for the clip. We used the song too in our pre-launch site over a year ago.

mohammad said...

thanx Ahmad, and i thought i was creative :-)