24 November, 2008

Video & photos from Darat al Funun: Mona Hatoum & Jane Frere

I took this video in Mona Hatoum's interesting solo exhibition at Darat AlFunun. Music by Buckethead.

Of Palestinian origin, Mona Hatoum is an internationally recognized artist known for her performances and video works of the 1980s and for her large-scale installations and sculptures which turn the familiar into uncanny situations that capture the experience of permanent exile. In 2004, she was awarded the Roswitha Haftmaan Prize and was the first visual-arts recipient of the prestigious Sonning Prize. More photos from the same exhibition:

mh1 mh2 mh4 mh3

Also a breathtaking installation art at Darat AlFunun by the Scottish artist Jane Frere, entitled RETURN of the souls: the Nakbah Project. Three thousand Palestinian figurines, each representing a Palestinian refugee in one display. This extraordinary work is part of an international artistic project exploring and documenting the history of Palestine during the late 1940’s. The process of production was through young Palestinian artists, trained by artist Jane Frere who then conducted a series of educational workshops in refugee camps, in Palestine and the region. Photos:

DSC07412 DSC07420 DSC07432 DSC07422

20 November, 2008

على مهلكم يا جماعة

حادث مؤسف إستوقفني مساءً في طريقي، سيارة خرجت عن الطريق بسبب السرعة الهائلة، وإصطدمت بعامود ثم تدهورت وإنقلبت. لم أستطع إلتقاط صور جيدة أو معرفة أي شيء عن السائق بسبب رفض الشرطة، بالرغم من محاولتي إقناعهم بأنني أفعل ذلك ليكون هذا الحادث عبرة للناس، لكن كان الرد: ظب كاميرتك وروح من هان، مش ناقصنا، بلا عبرة بلا حكي فاظي! يلاَ، مش مشكلة! لكن المهم أنّ العبرة تقول: في العجلة الندامة وفي التأني السلامة. تأكدوا دائماً من أن قيادتكم سليمة، هادئة، متزنّة وحذرة

10 November, 2008

The 20th European Film Festival kicks off in Jordan

11-27 November 2008

I'm so in love with this Festival :) Check out the schedule here
الأفلام مترجمة إلى العربية

"An array of different European cultures is on display in the two-week European Film Festival to be held in Jordan from November 11 till November 27, 2008. The European Film festival was able to develop a community of cinema lovers in Amman, throughout the last 20 years. it is for the 2nd year that the Festival offers the opportunity to Jordanians living outside Amman to attend screenings: in Salt, Irbid, Zarqa and Aqaba. 17 European Member States are contributing to this 20th Edition of the EU Film Festival. As France is currently holding the Presidency of the European Union, the French Ambassador, H.E. Mr. Denys Gauer, recalled that, since the creation of the festival 20 years ago, the European Union has extended from 15 to 27 countries, 17 of which are represented here in Amman. At the same time, the festival has gained in importance on the local scene, by reaching a wider public throughout the country.

Mr. Claus Heiberg, Chargé d'Affaires a.i. of the Delegation of the European Commission to Jordan, highlighted the power of film to convey values and visions of life. He said: " our objective is to share an experience and build concrete basis for dialogue ". He added: "We want to see materialise the slogan of the European year of inter cultural dialogue. It goes: dialogue is not about us and them; it is about you and me". Countries participating in this free-of -charge two-week festival are: Austria, Belgium, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden. Cinema goers will have the chance to enjoy some of the best movies produced recently in Europe. The Festival is organized by the Delegation of the European Commission to Jordan, the Presidency of the European Union - represented by the French Embassy to Jordan, 17 European Union Member States, in partnership with the Royal Film Commission – Jordan (RFC) and the Greater Amman Municipality.

This initiative comes in support of the Royal Film Commission’s efforts to widen exposure to film culture all over the Kingdom. "We value this European initiative and believe it is a means of drawing people from different cultures closer. Enhancing film culture and storytelling by audiovisual means are best achieved by showing quality films,” said Shadi Nimri, from the Royal Film Commission. This year, the Festival will open with a French movie for all ages “Asterix aux jeux olympiques”. Then, each day, two different European films will be screened at 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm at Al-Hussein Cultural Center (Ras al-Ain) in Amman. Screenings will also be held at Yarmouk University - Drama Department (Irbid), in Zarqa at the King Abdullah II Cultural Center, at the Salt Greater Municipality Hall and at the Aqaba Chamber of Commerce. Films will be shown in their original language, with English and/or Arabic subtitles. More information can be found on the Festival’s website: www.eufilmfestivaljordan.com"