24 November, 2008

Video & photos from Darat al Funun: Mona Hatoum & Jane Frere

I took this video in Mona Hatoum's interesting solo exhibition at Darat AlFunun. Music by Buckethead.

Of Palestinian origin, Mona Hatoum is an internationally recognized artist known for her performances and video works of the 1980s and for her large-scale installations and sculptures which turn the familiar into uncanny situations that capture the experience of permanent exile. In 2004, she was awarded the Roswitha Haftmaan Prize and was the first visual-arts recipient of the prestigious Sonning Prize. More photos from the same exhibition:

mh1 mh2 mh4 mh3

Also a breathtaking installation art at Darat AlFunun by the Scottish artist Jane Frere, entitled RETURN of the souls: the Nakbah Project. Three thousand Palestinian figurines, each representing a Palestinian refugee in one display. This extraordinary work is part of an international artistic project exploring and documenting the history of Palestine during the late 1940’s. The process of production was through young Palestinian artists, trained by artist Jane Frere who then conducted a series of educational workshops in refugee camps, in Palestine and the region. Photos:

DSC07412 DSC07420 DSC07432 DSC07422


wael said...


هيمة القلوب
منتديات هيمة القلوب

murad said...

wonderful coverage khobbeizeh, I loved the video big time, and photos are great as usual. i shall visit this exhibition soon.

omar said...

I completely missed out on that exhibition :(

Madas said...

I did not get the chance to see it, and looking through your post... well i feel that i was there... shukran :)

Anonymous said...

wow, nice pic and video. love your blog

chankom ar sp mu tech tv

osyli said...

it was really a great exhibition & the most especial thing of it that i participate in it :)

Anonymous said...

What would i say... just perfect