01 December, 2008

Photos: Recent exhibitions in Amman

Spaced: Exhibition by Leena Saoub
Dodi Tabbaa's exhibition
"Together Exhibition" by 26 European & Arab Artists
Anees Maani, first solo exhibition
Also, I'd like to share some photos, that I Took recently, at the outstanding Royal Automobile Museum.

Use the above direct links, or check out this slide show:


Abdallah Haj Abed said...

I really liked some of them!

Anonymous said...

very nice angles.. we need more :)

Basma said...

Ya3tik el 3afyeh ya mo! usual beautiful pics and effort. this slide show is amazing, how did you manage to post it?

mohammad said...

Thank you all
Basma, you just pick any slide show from any album/ bunch of photos you want on flickr, and then copy the embed into your blog/site. it's very easy