01 December, 2006

And the Oscar goes to…

The European Film Festival has ended; wonderful efforts. I've seen most of the movies and got all the feedbacks about the rest, in my opinion, the Oscar goes to…

#1: ZOZO: a terrific Lebanese / Swedish movie by the director Josef Fares (based on his own experiences). When your life shifts from fairly good to hell… Zozo (Imad Creidi) is growing up in Beirut during civil war. On the eve of their emigration to Sweden, his entire family is cruelly dispatched by Lebanese militia, leaving Zozo to make the journey alone! Unbelievable emotions, so artistic and dramatic work. check it out.

#2: Fauteuils d'orchestre (Orchestra Seats)
Jessica arrives in Paris where she finds a job as a waitress in bar next to a theater. She will meet a pianist, a famous actress and a great art collector, and begin to have her own dreams of fame and love! Wonderful story under the Paris sky, very alive and romantic. check it out.

I also would recommend: Everybody Famous, Dog Nail Clipper, Wallace & Gromit, and Shouf Shouf Habibi.

The most horrible movie was The Extra Man!!! I couldn't believe my eyes! They actually showed that "Extra" movie! Horrible video quality, horrible story, horrible cast, horrible everything! People started to leave after 20 minutes.


Lina said...

I missed Zozo, but I totally loved Fauteuils D'Orchestre. The music, the setting, the spirit.. just makes you feel good.

I also watched the spanish film, not bad but just a bit too long!

mohammad said...

Oho! ZOZO is a must! must must must, it's really amazing.

the Spanish film "Martin" was good, but not waw i guess. as you said too long. at the end i got really sick from the drug addiction and the whole addictive atmosphere, ew :-)

xE*n said...

cried alot, so did the the rest of the women AND MEN :'(
mu tabee3i!

Tony said...

then i was very lucky coz i only saw ZOZO & it was really great. thanks for your highlights, i have to say that your Blog is amazing and it's one of the best.

Moey said...

I've seen zozo in Kuwait's cinemas and also have the DVD, I pretty much didn't like the ending

miss.e said...

well. me too, i watched zozo by chance n i concider myself very lucky to c it, more lucky to have it on a CD just tonight
it s really the most impressive n wonderful movie i ever saw

i ll get u the link so u all can download it n enjoy it as many times as u can


dear moey, for the ending, actually i loved it alot, i know many ppl didnt, but wat the writer-director wanted to say is that life goes on n that chances are available for everybody u just have to forget abt the hard times u ve gone thru n go on with ur life, this s a very special thing abt the lebanese ppl, n i didnt c it in any other ppl so far, i kind of didnt swallow this philosophy untill i got to c this terrific movie, eventually i understand it all n i love n appreciate the lebanes ppl
this guy: Gosef Fares was so gr8 in getting all these emotions n drama into a movie
sure we ll discuss it again, i adore this movie