24 July, 2007

Music Jamming: Ozomatli & Jordanian musicians

This summer is really full of cultural events! The famous Latino Funk group, Ozomatli, will be playing live on Thursday, July 26, 2007, at Jerash South Theater. Don't miss them, they're so great and energetic :) call 079.610.3304 for more info.

today, OrangeRed arranged a Music Jamming session, at their office, for Ozomatli and some cool Jordanian musicians, here is a quick video:


Abeer said...

too bad I can't watch the vedio right now due to the slow buffering.. i'll be watching it tomorrow..

Would there be any participations from Jordanian musicians with Ozomatli in the Jerash concert??!

How was the Zade Dirani's concert? I was waiting for the review.. I couldn't attend it.. I know I missed alot... I'm a big fan of his work... I hope i'll get the chance to attend other concerts for him in the near future... :(

Abeer said...

Now I've seen the vedio it seems that it was a great evening! :D
Like Zade Dirani said.. musicians are like ambassadors to their country and culture.. I'm really proud to have these exceptional musicians representing Jordan...
Thank you OrangeRed for your great efforts! :)

Haythem said...

Thes guys Ozomatli are great! Everybody ends up dancing to their funk and Latino rythms at their concerts. Should be an amazing evening Thursday at jerash, and I hope they bring some Jordanian musicians on stage with them!

Betty said...

The Ozomatli group is one amazing group! I've seen the video and they are really great! I've heard about them from my cousin who has been to one of their concerts in the states and he absolutely loved them!! He said that they didn't stop dancing till the next day! I can't wait for tomorrow to go and see them at Jerash Festival!! Are you guys going??

Salam said...

yo man, this is a great vid .... thanx for sharing.

beautiful Blog btw.

Salam Hmoud