12 April, 2007

Blogging from the U.S

I’m currently in the U.S, Wisconsin. It's snowing:

DSC00111 DSC00109 DSC00103 DSC00097

what a beautiful welcoming :-) :

DSC00095 DSC00094 DSC00093 DSC00090

Will spend a couple of weeks with my family over here and in Chicago.
The trip was really boring this time, cause I had to travel with the horrible Royal Jordanian. And I lost one of my bags, but they found it, and Fedexed it to me today.

I was in Nakshet Mokh on Mazaj FM yesterday. i didn't hear it yet, but will post it soon.

betwasoo she?? :-)


Qwaider قويدر said...

Salamtak Abu Hmaid ...
I had so much fun hearing about your "Sandah Fetish" LOL

"يعني لما ييجي اليوم اللي بدي انشهر فيه بدّو يكون اسمي كندرة"

HEHEHE ... Very funny
Now tell me.. what did you do to Zein? You have to get even man!

kinzi said...

Hella hella! ENJOY for me: cheddar cheese, cheesecake, strawberry cream cheese on a whole wheat bagel, cream custard, cookie dough ice-cream...yum!

Have a GREAT time!

Amal said...

Lucky you. Enjoy your time there. Salaam to all.

amjad mahfouz said...

terja3 belsalameh man, enjoy.

tariku san said...

[Enter Post Title Here]

7amdela 3salamah,

The pitchers look great and a very nice and cozy welcome for our Jordanian super star. Well hope you are having fun there and like I always keep the FUNK my friend and see you soon.
P.S. “shoo esmo eljow” ;-)

mohammad said...

Qwaider, LOOOLL ... God, i didn't hear it yet. and i barely can remember what i said :-( Zein will be killed soon as i told you ;-)

kinzi, amal, amjad, tariku; thanx a million guys :-)

xE*n said...

Zein speaking!
Qwaider, dont listen to Qoxi, he was really happy after the prank, at first he was confused, but we met later that night and he told me that Nadeem (Raji) was the reason behind the smile he had on his face all day :D
so I guess we're even ;)
keef il united staKe?? LOL (3a ra2i Raji)

Miss you ;(
salam to all XOXO

mohammad said...


Liana said...

Feek itjebli Snow ma3ak when you come back to Amman, iza 3'alabeh balash.

mohammad said...

Liana ... too late my dear, it's so springy now!!