26 April, 2007

Extended vacation, more news!

I’m supposed to be in Amman now, but my vacation has been extended until “further notice” for I have some things to finish, like paperwork, visits, and medical checkups for my Mom. How are my beloved people everywhere?

Now, are you interested in Japan and the Japanese culture/experience? Then you should check out Saqf’s new Blog! Ahmad Saqf is a best friend and a very talented Designer, who traveled to Japan early this month: “I am in Japan now for a Master's degree -and hopefully a Ph.D- in Visual Communication, and my main research will be on creating an Arabic Visual Language based on Japanese Visual Aesthetics” “One Jordanian seeking knowledge in Japan for a better -visual- future in the Arab World” Said Saqf. Great one Ahmad :-) and welcome to the Blogging world!

I still can’t believe that I’m going back to Amman, and will not find 2 of my very best friends there! It’s not only Saqf, Nissrin is another wonderful best friend, who’s leaving Amman for good tonight, heading to Toronto, Canada… it’s so sad that I’m not there for another goodbye … I love you so much guys, God only Knows… but inchalla for the best, this is life … Damet, lots of my friends have left and willing to leave the country, I’m wondering why Jordan!

Talking about Amman, did I tell you that I was Nadim Sarraj’s new victim? :-) Before I leave to the states, my Friend, Zain, arranged a prank call with Nadim (aka Raji Douara) for a show called “Nakshet Mokh” on Mazaj FM. My God, I can’t believe what happened to me, LOL! I know that everyone heard it last week, but I didn’t! Here is a link that has a part of the prank (the 2nd part is me). Will post the whole call once I have the sound file.

Also, there is a new magazine called PULP, by grumpy gourmet. Check it out, they actually wrote about Khobbeizeh in it ( Thanx a lot Mosaab). Again, I didn’t see it yet :-( but will post more details later on.

That’s it for today :-)


Moey said...

enjoy it to the max man.

sorry dude, who'd stay here with all the price raise and the taxes? incase you didn't hear, tax is going to be 24% within a year, almost quarter of what you do in ur next life will be a "tax", and wtf do we get in return? nothing.

enjoy the us while it lasts.

I'm leaving amman in 2 years to bristol, Uk and for good.

Murad said...

i love the way you post your news :) i did enjoy this one.

Nizar said...

Nakshet mo5 was the best :D

Enjoy your time :P

Anonymous said...

you and your spirit are absolutely so missed mo ... come back our great blogger. I'm just in love with your amazing Blog and posts.

ps. I'm just a fan :) but wish i know you in person

Muna Salameh said...

I saw PULP and recognized Khobbeizeh immediately, i even told all my friends how great is this blog. terja3 belsalmeh.

Ahmad said...

It is a great honour to be featured on such highly acclaimed blog, which I have been a big fan of since day 1.

It sure is a great source of inspiration and I wish all the best to Khobbeizeh.

By the way, for those who don't know, today is Mo's birthday.

Happy Birthday Mo \(^O^)/

Anonymous said...

yea i heard Namshet Mokh, it was hilarious and so funny

qubaisi said...

oh that was you on Nakshet Mokh?? i think it was the best ever :-))) i was laughing non-stop :-)))

abeer said...

Hilarious mhammad.. will call you today