19 July, 2006


What If Israel Had Never Been Created?
by William Hughes

"What would the world look like, if in 1948, the state of Israel hadn’t been created? Unfortunately, President Harry S. Truman, under the “influence of the Zionists,” gave his endorsement to that violence-inspiring project. Since that time, life for the Palestinans has become a hell-on-earth under the heel of Israel’s brutal Death-Mayhem-&-Occupation Machine. John Lennon said, “Imagine there’s no countries.” Okay, let’s imagine: There is no Israel!" read it here >>


Yousef T. Omar said...

Sons of Zion, The Almighty cursed them from the very beginning!
* I liked in the article “that shitty little country.” <- Israel

Anonymous said...

what if palestine had never been created? you're such a lier

Anonymous said...

hehehehe..i was gonna comment on the same thing..“that shitty little country.”..i love that French AmbasSador..the article is just amazing..

mohammad said...

anonymous: Palestine was always there and still there, Zionist occupation is a matter of time.
"you're such a lier" go say it to William Hughes and let's see his answer.
so what if you get lost, loser.