11 July, 2006

I'm not a Western

To all my readers, friends and family … I have to tell you that I might be a terrorist, I'm so sorry and please forgive me, read here


Yousef T. Omar said...

Saludos Mohammed,

It seems that all americans suffer from paranoia these days,

** pathetic poor fool amercia, the homeland of terrorism

Cheers :)

adel said...

i'm in a deep s**t man! My father, grand father's name, G.G father till the 9th ancestor are "ahmad", "abdulla", "mohammad", and so on.

they suck man!

Anonymous said...

they're very stupid and arrogant, they will lose everything

mohammad said...

Yousef: Paranoia is within their leaders more than their people, ignorance is their real problem.

Adel: join the club then ;-)

Anonymous: they already lost!

Hala said...

oho my God, they're really wlad kalb, but I'm not surprised, what's new?!