31 May, 2007

Outstanding concert: Macadi Nahhas & her KhilKhal!

My friends and I got there 30 minutes before the show. We barely found a place. It started exactly on time, and just like the one before, it was outstanding! Macadi Nahhas is unbelievable! I mean seriously, her voice is just rare, so warm and beautiful; I’m just speechless with a video:

I also got the chance there to buy her new album, KhilKhal, that has 8 breathtaking tracks; Rahal (lyrics & music by Macadi herself… so admirable), Natalie, Mweil el hawa, Ammi ya bou el fanous, Irzal, Marrain, Leila (from the Palestinian folklore) and Hayya ala hayya. check it out:


Ahmad Tayseer said...

beautiful presentation ya khobbeizeh, thanks a million for being there, i always feel happy watching your posts . it's like i was in the concert, and i will absoutly get macadi's new album. she's great

Anonymous said...

yaaayyy great
thank you so much, i was there
it was perfect :-))))

Who-sane said...

WOW! She sounds amazing. I'm definitely buying her CD!

Thanks for sharing man!

Abed Hamdan said...

Damn !! enta kont honak kaman !!

zammer ya zalame!!

kan et3arrafna 3alaik :)

yallah khairha b '3airha

off the topic:

3indak songs la band esemha "Sho hal ayyam", 3am badawwerlhom 3a mp3z online msh laa2i :P

Macadi Nahhas said...

thank you so much mohammad for the great work and nice as well ,and I also want to thank you for the nice words you've said... wallahi it means a lot to me

thank you again and again,,,



mohammad said...

Ahmad Tayseer, anoynumous & who-sane thanx for the lovely words.

abed hamdan, beep beep :) ma3lash marrah tanyeh akeed inchalla.

i like shu hal eyyam, but have nothing for them lelasaf. will keep you posted.

and MACADI our great star, thank YOU. it was my honor. you deserve more, and deserve the best. & thanks for your lovely performance and for being so unique :-)) keep khobbeizing :-)

Xein said...

Macadi, you have an angelic voice.. and as I told u when I saw u at the concert the other day, I'm so proud of you and your talents and your accomplishments! people, she writes and composes music!


Zein , Qaq's my best friend :)

great work Qoxi!

Roba said...

Hey, I actually did see you, you were standing right beside me when you took the video, but I didn't want to make a hassle while she was singing and I didn't see you when she was done! Balki next occassion :)

mohammad said...

Xein, :-)))) thanx a lot habibti

Roba, LOL, noway! please do not hesitate to SHOUT next time :))) meeting you is a pleasure :)

Majd said...


Macadi has a beautiful voice indeed.. i enjoyed it very much.. thank you for sharing it..
i enjoyed your blog too.. keep up the good work :)

BTW, do u know what Macadi means and the origin of the name??.. i liked it a lot..

xE*n said...

ummm... in my previous comment I would like to clarify that when I said: (Zein, Qaq is my best) friend, I meant: the name is Zein (my signature): and Qaq is my best friend :s mis-use of punctuation!

ya zalameh ma gulnaalak salli7ha!
U isleebing? me call now

mohammad said...

majd, thank you so much :) as for macadi's name, will ask her and get back to you, cause i also wanted to know that long time ago :)

Xein, ma3lash ya'7ti , 7aggek 3alay, a'7ta2 matba3eyeh, 3adji 3adji

mohammad said...

to Majd, here is Macadi's answer regarding her name meaning:

"it means FREEDOM and it's an African name,also my father took it from a poem called Macadi by the Syrian poet Abid IL Basit Al Soufi,which he wrote to his African girlfriend , whom he loved so much"

thanx Macadi, it's a very beautiful name then :-))

Mala2e6 said...


شكرا كتير على الفيديو
ما صحللي اروح

بس مكادي صوتها رائع ..ملائكي..

اهم اشي انها بتعطينا امل

بعد واوا و نانا و دندن طبعا هدول مش مطربات

ممكن تقول مطرمات

اتمنى و من كل قلبي انه مكادي تحقق كل النجاح اللي بتستاهله

لان صوتها من مستوى صوت فيروز و ماجدة الرومي

blessbm85 said...

فعلا مكادي هي فيروز الصغيرة
مع انا بدنا ياها تعلى باسمها هي مش اسم حدا تاني
رائعة مكادي و بتمنى اسمعك شخصي

Enchanting and rare, Jordanian Singer Charms Crowd said...

Macadi Nahhas was born in Amman in 1977. She studied at the Music Conservatory of Beirut in Lebanon. While in Lebanon she has become a popular singer for her unique mix of traditional and modern styles. She performs at various events in Jordan.

“She released her debut album “Kan Ya Ma Kan”...

Anonymous said...

3anjad macadi have a very beatiful sound, choose her songs very carefully...
i like to hear all the song of the new album, till now i could not buy it cause i could not found it arround...

please let me knopw from where i can buy it.

Thanks Macadi for the nice music and voice


alzaher said...

i like macadi nahhas a lot, she has an amazing voice, when my fatehr heard it once, he thought it was fairuz?
her website seems to be down now, isnt it?
do you have any idea how can i get her latest news as well as a copy of her album?
thanks and salam for now

mohammad said...

unfortunately, Macadi's Albums so far are mostly in jordan and Lebanon only. but soon they will be distributed in Virgin megastore everywhere. Her website is coming very soon ( maybe in a couple of months ) so stay tuned everyone :)