29 May, 2007

Amman's Graphiclub!

Hey designers, i finally got the chance yesterday to pass by Graphiclub, where i had a long interesting conversation with one of the owners, Saif Azizieh

"if you think the design industry is lacking a vital element... if you believe that artistic freedom and innovation outshine confining to outdated conventions... if you want to make a change... you are not alone! Graphiclub is a center for graphic designers & artists of all calibers who are committed to making difference. We'd like you to join us. We offer unique and stimulating environment, collaborative events, resources and info services, advertising opportunities, and job postings. All of that along with the freshest tastes in foods and beverages in town " quote from graphiclub flyer

the place is really unique... you should give it a try. food sounds good (though i only had peach iced tea, and it was very good)

Graphiclub is located in Sweifieh, Ali Nasouh Altaher street, Al Elham group Building. open 12:00 PM - 12:00 AM. No website yet, mobile: 079 6568635 or 079 5504225

Check out this bunch of photos (sorry for the blurriness)

DSC01368 DSC01351 DSC01349 DSC01340
DSC01328 DSC01326 DSC01324 DSC01314


amjad mahfouz said...

ya I got the chance to check it out the other day, I really loved the idea that artists can hang their work on the wall and stuff, some of them u can immediately recognize :)
they do make excellent drinks but the argeileh is not so much,
thx for the share man

iman said...

and if I'm not a designer I'm allowed to go there? :(

Anonymous said...

IMAN: no you are not allowed in. There are bouncers at the door and they check your portfolio, business card and even CV to make sure you are a designer or other creative professional.

Good news is coubles not essential.

ma7joob said...

yup , i just LOVE this place , the decor is great , i just love how relaxing it is , and yes thier food "sounds" great too hehehe

Qwaider قويدر said...

Although I liked the place in general. I personally had a very nasty experience there. Gettins served Bacon in my sandwitch :(
It didn't happen to me in the US, it only happened to me in Jordan!

But other than that, the place was nice.

saif said...

hey evrey body im saif 1 of d owners :-) this place is 4 every 1
any 1 can come in - check us out
if u have any idea ud like 2 add or feel like doing but u cant find a place this is ur place as much as its mine
so feel free 2 do wat u want here coz we dont have any ruls
and MR Qwaider RELAX !!! its beef that taste like becon and its called beefbacon - its not pigs meat
,cheers ppl
and a 1000000 thx 4 mohammed Alqaq i realy love wat ur doing man peace out

sara said...

hi cuzin....................today i went 2 the place,it's more than great,el argeeeeeeleh betshaheeee{try grape with mint},and they dont serve bacoon!!

mohammad said...

Saif, according to qwaider he said that the word "bacon" was on the menu, and one of the waiters confirmed it. but it's obviously a misunderstanding now. just pay attention to those details.

qwaider, lots of restaurants in Amman are serving bacon now, so why would some people, like graphiclub, serve it undercover? 7asal khair :-)

sara, what are you doing there? you don't even know the difference between red & black :P then ay argeeleh? btet'7awati? you know that i can't even smell it!

Qwaider قويدر said...

I'm not against anyone doing whatever they want. That is their own business and I completely respect the way they want to run it.

But the problem is that I wasn't aware of it the first time. I ordered the sandwich based on a recommendation of the waiter. Which is all good. But the next day, I went there and as I was browsing the menu the word "Bacon" came glaring at me! I felt bad because I let my guard down since I'm in Jordan. I usually ask the restaurant if anything contains bacon. This has become a second nature for me here in the US.

It was my fault though, since I know "Club Sandwich" does contain bacon, but I just didn't draw the relationship between "Club sandwich" and "Graphic-Club Sandwich"

Would I go there again? Absolutely. Would I recommend it to others? Certainly .. Just check the menu before you order :)

And Mr Saif, I would have said it differently if I was in your shoes and representing a business

sara said...

dear cuzin;
maybe i dont know the differnce between red& balck....but am sure that i know the differnce between el-shebsheb wel sandal,and absolutely u r one of them ya kon....
anyway,hundred thanx 2 mazaj fm for wat they did with u,{fashoole 3'ole}.

Anonymous said...

m7amad dear friend; its very nice post, am excited to visit 3mman to see this place

Anonymous said...

I personally was shocked when i got there and discovered that argeeleh is served at graphiclub!!
I just feel that argeeleh doesn't belong to places like these!!! 'cause think about it, on one floor u r enjoying some promising art pieces and cruising through cool design books and when u get up to the 2nd floor all u see is arageel and their smoke all over the place!!!
It's only an opinion!!!

Burhan Azizieh said...

Azizieh Famely, I wish you all the best. Burhan Azizieh b.g