15 May, 2007


Yes I'm back, PHOTOS >>>


Saqf said...

الحمد لله على وصولكما سالمان إلى بيتكما في عمّان الحبيبة.

Thanks for sharing the wonderful colourful pictures.

Very cheerful and inspiring.

manal yusuf said...

oh man you've been to the milwakee art museum, you are so lucky

Rami rami said...

welcome back khobbeizeh
those were a great photos, it seems you had so much fun :)

Anonymous said...

i told myself that the boring Amman NAWARAT couple of days ago! wonderful photos

iman said...

welcome back our great blogger :-)

mohammad said...

Saqf, i miss you loads :-(

manal, 3o2balek, it's awesome

rami, anonymous & iman, thank you very much for the lovely words :)