21 May, 2007

US Campaign: End the Israeli Occupation



Nada said...

Hi Mohammad, it is Nada Zaitoon, Lama's sister, you might not remember me, we did not meet that much :)anyway, i just wanted to tell you that i do like and appreciate the artistic mentality and touch you have in everything, it is a great blog with interesting stuff, entertaining as well as intellectual.
Thank u

mohammad said...

Hi Nada, walaw of course i remember you :-) thank you very much for your lovely feedback, appreciate it. plz keep visiting khobbeizeh and leave your comments as much as you want. i see a nice space over there :-) Many thanx

Nada said...

Thank you Mohammad, sure I will :)my space is not as interesting as urz, but i would always love to see ur comments there too though i know ur really busy most of the time :)