20 January, 2008

Charbel Rouhana: my PULPing for (Jan 08)

PULP: my Sake for Jan '08: Charbel Rouhana


Anonymous said...

i LOVE for art's sake!

Arwa said...

whenever i get Pulp, i go immediately and check for art's sake. it really became my favorite, and i think the artists you get are the best :D what a great job Mohammaed, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

OMG. I love Charbel, he's my #1 musiction on this earth, how did you meet him? is he coming to Amman any soon? please let me know. Wael

mohammad said...

thanx people :)
wael, i think Charbel is coming for a concert in Amman, either in march or April :) but am still not sure about it.

Abeer said...

sweeeet :D :D :D
Can't remember that issue.. I didn't get it probably.. Hope you went to his concert 2 weeks ago? it was awsome!!!
I was lucky enough to attend a workshop he gave in Yarmouk as well.. those were the best days EVER!!! he's absoloutely brilliant :)
Thank you Khobbeizeh :D