02 August, 2008

Live from 7iber workshop

I just finished my session at 7iber.com workshop, it was really nice to be part of it (thanks a lot 7iber team). Here is a post from there written by Naseem Tarawnah (appreciate your lovely words Naseem).


Yousef Kawar said...

More and more and more my friend :)I appreciate your effort in blogging world. Thank you very much Mohammad

Nada said...

hey Mohammad, sorry I could not stay through your session, something came up and I had to leave, anyway it was really nice meeting you and talking to you...all the luck inshalah

Anonymous said...

Hey. it was so cool to run into the man behind the great khobbeizeh and amazing how great things always own by great men. mohammed you were very talkative, smart, funny, informative and kind. so nice meeting you

mohammad said...

Yousef the best musician ever, you're really the best, thanks dear :D

Nada, that's fine inchalla next time, it was nice meeting you there too.

Anonymous, wish to know who you are exactly, but i thank you so much for your lovely words :)

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