23 October, 2008

Demotix: You are the reporter!

"Hey Khobbeizeh people! Join up Join up! Demotix is changing the News! You are the new reporters. Send us your pictures and videos of anything newsy - concerts, sports, politics, social issues - and we'll share them with our community AND send them out to the mainstream media. Which - by the way - includes The Telegraph, Le Monde, Newsweek and many others (including al-Ghad and al-Dustur in Jordan). So come to www.demotix.com, create a profile, and start uploading" Turi Munthe, Founder & CEO of Demotix

P.S: Khobbeizeh is already there and submitting some news :)


Dia said...

sounds interesting, are you part of it khobbeizeh? and how did you know about it?

mohammad said...

No I'm not part of it, i only have a profile there just like the other users. I've met Turi the founder of Demotix.