11 September, 2009



mood said...


بس لازم حط صورة عجل مفقوع عشان الي ما بقرأو


Genki Dama said...

It just show u the Jordanian mentality of "3arbada" but in a more polite way!

I wonder when we will start to show some order! It is the guys right to keep the entrance free, but puncturing the tier is too much!

The Municipality is supposed to step in and solve the problems, after all they take a lot of taxes from us!

R. Fouda said...

La wallahy begad so damn funny... we ba3dein fekra gamda ya3ni... la8ad a3zar man anzar!:)

Basil said...

I saw this today in Ibn Khaldoun St. (Al-Khaldi Hospital St.) There was another one just beside it, more or less the same idea :)

Y /\ Z /\ N said...

louzy photoshop work, hard luck!