10 October, 2009

PHOTOS: Amman Centennial Colorful Parade!

صور من مسيرة عمّان المئوية
Here are the photos on flickr, or here is a slide-show:


Nour Bishouty said...

This is so beautiful! I'm so sad I missed it.

Thanks for the images khobbeizeh :)

Anonymous said...

awesome shots, the most beautiful photos of the parade so far

mohammad said...

Thank you nour & anonymous :)

Anonymous said...

eh dah ya khobbayza eh il halawa di!?!!
seriously beautiful beautiful pics!!! wish i was there with you guys!!! :(
Ummo Rashed il Ar3a!!

mohammad said...

LOL ya um raseh ya ar3a, danti 7aga 3azeemah! merci awi awi