02 June, 2010

فليتنكّر لي زمني

Marcel Khalifa إخترتك يا وطني by khobbeizeh


مياسي said...


mood said...

كم انت دوما راق ومبدع

Eman said...

great song..
brilliant work..
thank you qaq! :)

Inna said...

while it is not exactly related to the post, it's related to the subject. The following link is Israel's own admission of lying as well as about cases of growing boycott abroad not only on personal level but coming from companies, trade unions and even rock bands: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/jun/06/israel-youtube-gaza-flotilla

Anonymous said...

mar7aba Mohammad Al-qaq,
actually i've been visiting ur blog and watching your videos for about a year now.
you are a talented pesron so i wish u all the best and keep on sharing your thoughts with us.
now iwant to ask u something,ijst read abt a documentary by the name " حائط المبكى " for Ellias Bakkar..I VE BEEN searching for it weelling to see it but icouldn't find it..ya ret eza 3endak fekra abt this documentary to share it with us or to let me knw where can i find it.
thx alot.