11 May, 2006

Al Hannouneh show

In the memory of Al nakbeh, let's support Al Hannouneh!

Al Hannouneh society for popular culture is holding a cultural and folkloric night in the memory of Al nakbeh (15/5/1948); do not miss the amazing activities, and the trip between Jafa, Ajloun, Jerusalem, Kerak and many others in song and dance!

Time & place: Sunday, may 14th,8:30 pm, Holiday Inn hotel, Amman
Schedule of the event:Presentation on "Al nakbeh", Musical and folkloric dance performance (part 1), Honoring the sponsors, Auction on a traditional folkloric dress, Musical and folkloric dance performance (part 2), Quizzes on cultural and historical subjects and Buffet dinner.

Ticket's price: JD 25
For tickets reservation & more info: 06-5052829, 07-95222512, 07-96100140

Overview: For 15 years on, “Al Hannouneh Society for Popular Culture” has been working on the collection and preservation of cultural heritage and popular arts of the East Mediterranean area. they have created the biggest cultural library in the area and have participated in many cultural events locally and abroad. With over 150 members, their mission also, is to mediate the ever so beautiful heritage onto the new generations, to teach them about the habits, costumes, legends, seasons, songs and dances of their ancestors. They hope to revive this heritage and represent it in an artistic way to appeal to the modern audience.

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