13 June, 2007

Fete De La Musique 2007

Amman, 21/06/2007
Venue: King Hussein Gardens 8:30 P.M
Hip Hop Dance by Chronix - Jordan
Rap performance by DAM - Palestine
Rap performance by Sharq Music "Abaddons & Dan Drill" - Jordan
MC MAZE & E QUBE - Jordan

Amman, 21/06/2007
Venue: Ras Al-Ain – Amman Municipality Square 7:30 P.M
Macadi Nahhas (Modern Folk)
Al- Mahabeesh (Traditional Folk)

Amman, 21/06/2007
Venue: Al- Balad Theatre / 8:00 P.M
Omar Faqir featuring the Jordanian Vocalist,
Zain Awad, in a Jazz performance.

Amman, 21/06/2007
Venue: Down Town 7:00 P.M
Musicians playing different instruments in downtown Amman

Irbid - Tareq Bin Ziad Park, 24/6/2007
8:00 p.m
Yazan Al- Rousan: Contemporary Arabic
Shoo Hal Ayyam: traditional Arabic Music

Zarqa, 28/06/2007
8:00 p.m
Vengo Band and Zaid Hamarneh

Fete de la Musique is supported by the EU, Greater Amman Municipality, the German Embassy, the French Embassy, Qattan Foundation, and Welfare Association. Sponsored by Al Ghad newspaper, Mazaj FM and Mood FM. And organized by The French Cultural Center, Goethe Institute, Makan, Al Balad Theatre and OrangeRed.


Anonymous said...

thank you so much for telling us about it, I'll try to catch the ones in Amman, and bring all my friends.

Mawran said...

oh i would love to go to macadi. not sure about the rest. great efforts, thank you so much mohammad

Raed said...

wonderful khobbeizeh, thank you very much :-)

Abeer said...

I forgot to bring my camera.. and today Shu Hal Ayyam and Yazan Rousan's performance :(
I wonder if I can rent one.. hmmm

I only wish they could manage to choose a better place.. Tareq Bin Zyad Park is not the best place to host this event in my opinion.. hope i'm wrong about that! :D
and kaman they could've chosen better timing.. Girls dorms here close at 9:30 to 10:00 pm...

I'm really excited for todaaay!!! :D

Thanks for the post Khobbeizeh! :D