22 June, 2007

Macadi Nahhas, take #3!

It seems that Macadi and kobbeizeh are very good friends now :-) Ladies & Gents, the wonderful Macadi Nahhas, live in Fete de la Musique, take #3, action:

macadi00 macadi01 macadi02 macadi03


xE*n said...

I was there..
seen it all.


Makadi is simply lovable!
way to go Mak ;)

Anonymous said...

oh she is wonderful.

Ahmad Sabbagh said...

i couldn't go so thank you tons for sharing this professional video, i really love macadi and love her voice. Khobbeizeh is truly the best :-)

Abeer said...

Makadi.. I love her voice.. Mashallah it's exceptional.. and Nasser Salameh percussion.. aaaah he's gonna drive me crazy!!! Ma bafham keef fee nas hek betablu ana!! :)
I went there but I wasn't encouaged to stay for long.. the sound was too loud for me.. and I was really tired from a long day in Irbid.. I hoped for a seated concert :(
Bas I'm sure if I was in a different mood or maybe with different people "if they're reading this! mush intu!!! hehe :P" inoo I'm sure I'd enjoy it in other circumstances :)

Abeer said...

After watching the vedio... I'm hating myself for not staying a bit more :(
and for those "people" who also left with me... u better not talk to me right now.. cuz i'll be sooo aggressive u wont even know me!! :S
I need a make-up concert!!! ma beseer hek :(

Thanks for the vedio Khobbeizeh.. I loved it! :)

mohammad said...

you're most welcome abeer. ma3lash, khairha fe ghairha :-) macadi will perform again very soon!

Aiman said...

thank you for sharing this, you're making beautiful efforts to make us always happy, I love Khobbezeh :-D

Macadi nahhas has such a great voice.

7iber.com said...

Macadi Nahhas in Fete de la Musique
Video provided by Khobbeizeh.com

Anonymous said...

Absolutely lovely voice from this Jordanian singer