14 September, 2007

Ruba Saqr in Prime Music Festival + Pulp Interview

Ruba Saqr in Prime Music Festival 2007 Ruba Saqr in Prime Music Festival 2007 Ruba Saqr in Prime Music Festival 2007 Ruba Saqr in Prime Music Festival 2007

And proudly, Ruba was my first guest this month in my section (For Art's Sake)/Pulp magazine! check it out : "click to enlarge"


Ruba Saqr said...

Mohammad, I think you should expand your Khobbeizeh empire!
Thanks for taking the time and effort to populate Khobbeizeh with cultural coverage... and thanks for the passion, it teaches one a lot about the love for life and how rewarding it is to do something we are in love with!


Abeer said...

That performance "like the previous one at Music Matbakh" could easily touch my heart and brought me into tears.. "fel thalam" and "el sadaga" were brilliant! I really wish her all the luck.. I can't wait till the launching of her first album! :D

Anonymous said...

Ruba is such a talented girl! we love you a lot Ruba .. wallahy.

thank you mohammad for your creative input. i loved the video and loved your efforts. I'm out of town, but with your videos i feel like I'm home, enjoying all those great events. very appreciated KHOBBEIZEH :)

Rakan said...

loved the video, and so liked the pulp interview, already read it yesterday. many thanks for your efforts moey

mohammad said...

Ruba, It's because of artists like you... that's how i get my passion & everything :) thank you so much for your usual sweet words :)
p.s: LOL @ empire! i like :))

abeer, i thank you so much for being a loyal reader and sweet commenter :) it was my pleasure to meet you in person at the festival :)

anonymous, appreciate it too...

rakan, many thanks for you too :)

Anonymous said...

zakaria from morocco

Ruba, go go!
Ruba, ho ho!