18 February, 2008

One Million Arab Students!

One million Arab students empowered annually by 2018. A project by Injaz al-Arab that we should support. Check it out


Kaddah said...

Is this another arab governments scam to make money in the name of human development? Hasn't there been enough bogus initiatives in the arab world that look good on paper and made a few people rich while but brought us nothing as evident by the rising poverty and unemployment in arab world. we have to fix arab governments before we can do anything to help the people.

Rasheed Roussan said...

Dear Qaq, thank you very much for uploading the spots. We highly appreciate your support, and we are taking your visual critique into consideration as we are planning on a website facelift insha'a Allah.:-)

Dear Kaddah

Thank you for your comment. The reason why INJAZ is making a difference across 12 Arab countries today is because we do not work with governments but with the private sector. Corporate volunteers dedicate time, effort, and knowledge to empower Arab students, 300 thousand reached so far, through experiential learning programs.

Many development initiatives are born to abortion; I totally agree with you. I have been in the development sector for almost ten years now and seen very few, if any, blossoming fruits. It is our hope that INJAZ will make a difference in a way or another, insha'a Allah.

amjad mahfouz said...

ya i volunteered for Injaz once,
I think they will do some change,
but whts the difference between Injaz and Injaz Al-Arab??

thx for the share

rash said...

INJAZ al-Arab is the regional headquarters responsible for the development and operations of INJAZ across the Arab World. We are in 11 Arab countries (and counting) in addition to Jordan.

Ebal said...

Excelant article