28 June, 2008

شعشبونة بدأت ومنقوله في بث حي ومباشر

البث المباشر بالصوت والصوره عبر الإنترنت لشعشبونه يمكن أن تشاهدوه هنا


The Enchanted Fairy said...

Sha3shaboneh ROCKS !!

subzero said...

Kinda read somewhere that company leaders and owners r the ones who organized this? im not sure.

If yes, then im quite disappointed with the preparations! (actual site ones).

Also, when the poster said the language is ARABIC, I thought ARABIC! not Jordanian! Formal Arabic..

Kind of like the video streaming though.

Anonymous said...

I was there today from 1:30 to 02:30 then I had to leave, but I am home right now and I watching you guys over the internet, the video steaming is great.

Jad said...

well done man, ya3teek el 3afyeh :-)

Abeer daJANI said...

Thanks hamoode for this "sha3shaboneh" meeting.. hope il shashaboonat ra7 yiktaro

Alia said...

well done Sha3shaboneh, it was a very good start, and u'r a very smooth SPEAKER... keep all rolling :)

Ghassan Yonis said...

we're waiting for two things:
the videos of the event to be on ikbis, and for you to move to wordpress :P.. it's about time now, if you need any help doing that let me know..

was nice meeting you there:)

mohammad said...

thank you for your support people :) appreciate it.

subzero, Jordanian is an Arabic language too, tried to use formal Arabic though :) why disappointed, explain more s’il vous plaît

Ghassn, I'm happy with blogger/blogspot :) also hope you liked the video