08 June, 2008

Exclusive: "Haya" Zade Dirani's new single!

Thanks a million Zade for giving me the honor :)
Ladies & Gentlemen, Khobbeizeh's wonderful friend, Zade Dirani, in his new single "Haya": Download it here (right click on the link, and then save link as/save target as), you can stream it here as well:

And Don't forget to get your invitation to Zade's "One Night in Jordan" concert! check out the poster, and let's get together.


carol 2002 said...

thank u :)

Anonymous said...

playing it non-stop, good job Zaid, Thanks Khobbeizeh

Diana said...

Amazing music Zade as usual:)
thnxx Khobeizeh:)

Nour said...

Love it, great piece. Thanks Mohammad

TRiPLE M said...

wow...great song...I love the music...good luck

Nabil said...

before i admire Zade, i have to admire you mohammad for your nonstop efforts, man you're such a passionate person, and your blog is absolutely my favourite one ever. i thank you so much for keeping us under the spot.

as for Zade's new single i really liked it, and i will come to his concert for sure.


muaayad said...

انا لا اصدق نفسي اني سأرى الرائع زيد ديراني لقدبحثت عن البوماته هنا في الاردن وفي دبي ولم اجد له شيء للاسف

لقد سحرني بمقطوعاته الرائعه وبرائعه الكبيرة ماجدة الرومي التي اعاد اصدارها (كل شي عم يخلص)

اتمنى ان اراك بالمدرج الروماني عزيزي يوم 19 -6-2008

اريد ان اسئلك بعض الاسئله ممكن اشوفك ع الماسنجر
ايميلي هو


مؤيد الشمالي


meirelle said...

OUTSTANDING and phenomenal, its one of the best music ive ever heard...so thrilled that music is still alive...Zade u r one of a kind...plz continue wt ur doing...nd never give up on such thing...no matter how BIG the offers or how tempting they might sound...its not worth t...wt u do..is a creation of life..thx alot and u should be proud of urself...
Mohammad...i dun really know u but ive read all ur PULPINGS...i would never think of a better presenter of fresh talents than urself...this z the first time i check ur blog...as grea8 as ur writings...reflects a sophisticated person...thnx for ur efforts...im crazy abt ur work..nd u have a huge & shiny history..keep t up..regards
Meirelle Darwish

Maher said...

Dude, if you dont mind i'll be using the poster picture for my post about ZADE :D

Alaa Banna said...


I'm usually a fan of International music..
Seeing this blog I've realized you wont put anything, and so I listened to the music.. damn it its' really Great.!

How is that possible I never heard about Zade? why don't we see him properly in our media?!

Wallah that's a big shame!
Great music I enjoyed every bit of it.

Thanks a lot guys for all the efforts.

Anonymous said...

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Jude.H. said...

Amazingly Beautiful irresistable Music <3