24 March, 2009

"World's Strictest Parents" BBC show is looking for Ammani families

On behalf of the BBC, Twenty Twenty Television is pleased to announce the second series of "World's Strictest Parents"; a series of a factual entertainment program on parenting styles around the world. In each one hour program, two British teenagers (1 boy and 1 girl, aged 13-18) will be sent to live with a family abroad, to experience life in their country under their rules. In the last series, the BBC sent overindulged teenagers from the UK to live with role model families over the world, from Jamaica to India, Ghana to South Africa and they are now looking for host families in Amman to step up to the challenge.

They are looking for conservative, educated, middle class families who would be willing to accommodate two teenagers for one week at the beginning of May 2009 and instill in them the values and morality they demand of their own children. The British teens will be expected to attend school, complete homework and help with household chores; they will not be guests in your house but new members of the family. The BBC want to show Amman as an aspirational place to live, by featuring parents who believe in instilling discipline, boundaries and respect whilst embracing progress and development in Jordan. They are hoping to make contact with between 10 - 15 families in the next week or so, and would like to speak to them over the phone before arranging a visit from our Director in the next few weeks. Contact: Nadia Naffa, Production Assistant, email: nadianaffa@gmail.com


kinzi said...

Are they serious? Girls will have it rough, boys will have their dreams come true.

Anonymous said...

That's so cool i think. blending cultures