28 June, 2009

Wonderful artists at Albalad Music Festival


Mohammad B. Irshid said...

If i wanted to go, i would go only to listen "Lena Chamamyan" because she is the best in this festival.
thanks for the announcement.

Naddoush said...

Hey - which artists do you recommend for a foreign audience? :-)
And is it held in AlBalad Theatre or? And is there an entry fee? (Im sorry if the poster already answers some of these questions - but my arabic is not good enough to read it all :-) - but I get what time it is :-D)

mohammad said...

Dear Naddoush, it's really hard to recommend any of the participants artists/ bands, they're all great. but maybe i can pick for you tarek el naser (today 30th) or khoury trio (on 2nd) or Lina chamamian (on 5th), those are SOMETHING!

all shows at 8:00 pm
tickets for JD 5 ( except for Lina jd 10) call 06 4652005 they will answer all your questions :)