02 July, 2009

In the 3rd Informal Meeting for artists & cultural activists!

Happened at Dar Alanda, and khobbeizeh was there to announce the new initiative in collaboration with Orangered, where we'll Build an independent artistic community, database, hub and a place where everybody can share thoughts, experiences, and build a network between all artists! Share your ideas during the process, and stay tuned!


sha3teely said...

when did that happen?? I wanted to come :(

mohammad said...

sha3teely! wish you were with us. it happened last Monday. no worries, next time inchalla. asslan I'll contact you soon regarding this!

photographic said...

wow, thats great ..
can i join ! hehehe
and yes really we need a place and network for all the artist in jordan
keep going

stay good .


Yousef Kawar said...

bravo mhammad! I can see myself in that picture :)
I was so pleased to share my thoughts with you guys good job & good luck & good day to you :)

mohammad said...

thanx moe
you7ess, emmnawerr ;-) thank you