12 November, 2009

17 Hippies & Sign Of Thyme

A concert on the occasion of 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall

Sign of Thyme:

The 17 Hippies:


Lara said...

Great as always, I saw you during the concert busy shooting. Next time i'll come say hi

Ross said...

it was the 1st time i saw u guys but u were amazing am a big fan now .. hope to see u again in jordan LOVE YA

Nidal said...

mohammed, unbelievable coverage as usual. man i really admire you always, and admire your passion and your efforts. it's like i was there in this great concert. thank you a lot

mohammad said...

Lara, Ahlan wa sahlan, you'e welcome. thanx

Nidal, thank you so much, appreciate it :)