03 May, 2010

manam's first album launching

let's get together! believe me it's SOMETHING :) facebook event, and manam's website.


Yousef Kawar said...

thanks to our production manager Mr. Mohammad aLQaq :) yes thank you very much

mohammad said...

it's my honor mr. kawar :D I'm so excited, best of luck for all of us

Rula A. said...

I'll do my best to be there Insha Allah..

Diana said...

khobbeizeh ur the PM ! way to go best of luck to u and manam:)
i posted about the band @ http://3ammaniyat.blogspot.com/2010/05/manam.html

Khairy Hirzalla said...

صدفة حلوة بلوغ غني بالمواضيع والافكارالجريئة والجميلة
خيري حرزالله