25 March, 2006


It was a brief gem that combined simple but elegant camerawork with a hilariously offbeat premise! "Nicholas Seeley, JO magazine, May '05"

Experts' description:
Psychotic graphic designer goes off the edge. A childish person looking, but psycho from within in the middle of weird incident!

Almost 3 years ago, in June 2003 ,I had that amazing experience in practicing my acting talents :-) "Give me one reason not to…" a short movie, was the outcome of Amr Toukhy, the terrific director and friend.
Amr and myself got very excited when we wrote that funny script, the next day was in Abu-Lughod Studios where the voice-over got recorded. The main shooting was in the 3rd day at my wonderful friend's place, Ahmad Saqfalhait, who wanted to take the leading role of the movie but couldn’t :-). It was a quit tiring day for all of us :-). Honestly the starring role was for Amr and his creative eye. "Reason" was selected and nominated as follows:
I would like to thank Amman Filmmakers Cooperative and Royal Film Commission for their support all the time.

Watch Reason:
Language: Arabic, Subtitles: English, Running time: 1 min 11 sec


Murad Al sayed said...

oho oh ! i know that you have a beautiful voice, but i didn't know that you're a perfect actor! My God that movie is just fantastic mo, i played it 20 times maybe :)nice Blog, good luck talented :)

Jamaal Jameel said...

Salam, it's me Jamaal. Keefak, my friend. Blogspots, movies, what's next...CEO. Mashallah alaik!!! Hey, I'm going to pass your blog address to a local friend of mine. I'm sure he'd be interested in taking a look at your short film ... maybe even have some questions for you. We've tinkered with the idea of a short film ourselves....Inshallah! We'll I'll re-post soon! Question: How can I attache a pic with a post?

Jamaal Jameel

(P.S. In an attempt to post you a message, I ended up creating my own blogspot....JamaalJameel.blogspot.com....Anyway....Salam, my friend)

mohammad said...

I'm really speechless guys … shocked as well cause honestly I did not expect that number of views in less than 3 days! inshalla will do more movies in the future:-) thanx for the lovely emails.

Anonymous said...

Sa monta billiara binte IMPA!
Massinte blounza ikbalta almi sonat.
keep it UP.