29 March, 2006

2006 Solar Eclipse

Since I was very young, I always wanted to watch a total eclipse of the sun, unfortunately it never worked… BUT only few minutes ago it was the perfect time… Amman, March 29th 2006. I was so excited, for my safety I put on my very special Safe Solar Eclipse Glasses… I was so happy standing in my room's balcony. The sky was very clear, no clouds at all… and yessssss! I saw the eclipse very clearly and took some wonderful photos, lucky me :D


Saqf said...

That was really funny Hammoudeh! :)

I have to say that my personal experience was a bit different than yours in this case, it was the first time for me to see it in a spiritual way. I got the chance to pray the Solar Eclipse prayer for the first time in my life, and oh my what an enlightening experience was that!

I have never experienced meditation or yoga in a prayer before as much as I did in this one. The prayer consists of two rounds, but in each round you bow twice. The uncommon thing is the length of each round, the Imam read the whole of Surat Al-Baqarah in one round, and in the second he read Surat Aal 3oumraan!

That must have been the longest prayer I have prayed in my life, it lasted two and a half hours! Strangely enough, I was never before as focused as I was in this prayer.
It transferred me to another world!

An unforgettable experience.

P.S. Mubarak Khobbeizeh! Yummy! Yummy! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello PRIMN celebrity :-), that was really hilarious, I did not stop laughing :-)))) you're so funny Mohammad, and this Blog looks so much like you, very original ! will visit it everyday, you deserve the best

mohammad said...

Saqf my dear, that was a wonderful experience, allah yehmeek.
V.T, PRIMN people & everyone, thank you very much for the lovely emails, plz feel free to write on my comments' space anytime instead of the emails… and keep Khobbeizing !

Gregoire said...

Hello Mohammad, how are U doing ? Congratulations for your blog ! I like your eclipse photographs ! Look like a star ! I amn waiting for your PRIMN post !
Give more news !