19 March, 2006

Zait o Za3tar

Close your eyes… Go there and smell the Orange groves, eat the wonderful grapes … take a nap under an olive green tree, then thank her for tasty Oil and a yummy zaitoon. have some natural honey, fresh fig, green apple or sweet Kunafa. Or maybe you're now walking next to the brilliant architecture… chatting with the warm people … very educated and dedicated…honest and believers … graceful decent women and noble men with sparkling eyes!

You're there … in the heart of the world, the heart of Arab countries ... miracles are around you… Archangel Gabriel visited Merriam… Jesus born, lived and preached his people… Mohammad led all the prophets in Prayer then went for "Esra & Me'raj journey… Abraham…Moses … [peace be on them all]. Well, miracles are still happening there, because now …it's the land of the Struggle and strugglers! … Welcome to Palestine. Welcome to my Blog, mohammad alQaq.

(Check out the slide photos from Palestine. Those selected photos were taken from the multimedia CD " this is Palestine ©" by the Palestinian photojournalist George Azar)


Bilal said...

You're very creative as always Mohammed, and maybe you're one of the very few people on this earth who learned me how to love Palestine, remember :D. very nice Blog, God bless you.

AbuYousef said...

very interesting abu hmeid.
attempt no.14 at opening the mpeg with my acer 500+ though

keep it open, keep it coming.

-Zaid Aladdin 'AbuYousef'

Hala said...

Hey there..
first of all i adored the name, very few people actually still know Khobbeizeh.. thank you for keeping the name, and thank you for keeping the spirit of palestine alive through these pages..
you'll have me as a reghular user from now on :)

Shareef said...

ba7ibak moot khalo, you are the best one in the world, I'm very proud of you.

majd said...

i like it :) ... and the name also ... nice work

Bushra Hage said...

Very interesting blog :)

still didn't go in much detail but even a glance at it is very impressive. Good luck & God bless ya Mo!

mohammad said...

Thank you very much everyone … I still have many things to say!