16 June, 2006

Orange Blossom

Last night, by coincidence, I passed by Al-Balad Theatre and found a concert of Oriental Electronic Music by two groups; Saboon and Orange Blossom. Actually I've read the Ad last week and then totally forgot :-) however, I didn't catch the first one but Orange Blossom group are really original. The hot temperature did not help to stay a lot, but nevertheless, I took these videos:


Raed said...

i think it's great, wish i was there, but thank you very much for keeping me updated :-)

7ala said...

many people are talking about this concert, ma bte3rafo te7ko 3nha abel ma tebda :(

mohammad said...

wallah ya 7ala sorry :-) I usually do, especially when it's my type event, but as i said i totally forgot :-) yalla khairha fi ghairha :-)enjoy the video, a7san menn balash! shu beddek a7san menn haik service ;-)