30 August, 2007

& the JSFF Awards go to. . .

Jordanian Bloggers Choice Awards:

Best Arab short film: (fiction)
Sabah Elfoll, by Sherif Elbendary/ Egypt

Best International short film: (experimental)

The market, by Ana Husman/ Croatia
(watch the full movie here or on youtube)

Grand Jury Awards:

Best Arab short film: (fiction)
A Scheherazade Tale by Rami Kodeih/ Lebanon

Best International short film: (documentary)
The Life & Other Building Yards by Giuseppe Schettino/ Italy

Special Mention for Best Script: (animation)
For a better world by Barbara Hlali/ Germany

Special Mention for Best Actor:
Omar Bharoocha,
in Abajee by Maureen Bharoocha/ Pakistan

Special Mention for Best Actress:
Hend Sabry,
in Sabah Elfoll, by Sherif Elbendary/ Egypt

Special Mention for Best Cinematography: ( fiction)
Rabia's Journey by Mayar Roumi/ Syria

Special Mention for First Film: (fiction)
The Return by Mazen Habib/ Oman

Special Mentions: (documentaries)
Humorseque by Diana Deleanu/ Romania
Mazari by Ahmad Sarraf Yazd/ Iran
A Palm's Whisper by Shereen Ghieth/ Egypt

Toyota-AFC Mobile Movie Awards:

Golden Mobile Movie Award: Mohammad Nababteh
Silver Mobile Movie Award: Malik Hijazi
Bronze Mobile Movie Award: Aazmi Zoubi


Hazim Bitar said...

Thanks for all your hard work. Good choices.

Bilalٍ said...

Hope you enjoyed your self Hammodee:)
I wonder why cant we find any of these films on the internet! I tried looking for the last year winner films but i could not find any thing. Is there a commercial reason or is it just laziness from someones side.

Isam Abu Salhieh said...

hey mohammad , it was good to see you at the fesitval ... cant u upload a copy of the egpytian film that won the prize "Sabah Elfoll" ?? thanks man

Anonymous said...

wow! it must be a great experince. amazing post :) thank you so much

mohammad said...

Hazem, thanx for your support as well :)

bilal, it's a copyrights policy thingy, where you can't burn or post any film unless it's done with specific festivals/shows.

Isam, same here :) and it might be really hard to upload sabah elfoll, though I'm trying my best. same of what i told bilal.

anonymous, yes it was, thank you.